“... (NanoComm GA) headsets were fab. Flight was 5 hours and 50 minutes; I didn’t even notice I had it on.”
(J.D - Vickers Vimy Pilot)

“... (NanoComm GA) headsets were a great success...the ability to communicate easily really helped the operation. We flew two legs, approaching 6 hours, following which there was no physical discomfort nor ringing in the ears. Considering the close proximity of the prop tips that is impressive. You certainly have a good system.”
(C.E - Vickers Vimy Co-Pilot)

“Excellent, much better than my David Clark headset.”
(P.F - Chelmsford)

“I absolutely love it!”
(K.D - Medway Microlights)

“Originally I had a Lightspeed Mach 1 headset but the NanoComm GA works even better. It’s also much more robust and the attachment to the in-ear piece is much stronger. It’s also half the price of the Lightspeed Mach 1.”
(J.G - 737 Pilot)