The Custom Impression Process

Once your order has been placed, ear impressions will need to be supplied to us, so we can manufacture the custom-made earpieces to be an exact fit for your ears only. Ear impressions can be taken by many independent hearing professionals, audiologists and some hospitals. 

Custom-made earpieces ensure an exact fit for the user's ears, making them extremely comfortable to use for extended periods, more so than traditional headsets.

The taking of impressions is a simple process. The hearing professional will initially inspect your ear canal and make sure there are no obstructions such as excessive wax build up or perhaps there may be something you may not have been aware of. A two-part silicone impression material is injected in the ear, and this remains in the ear for about 5-10 minutes while it sets.  Once it has set, the now solid impression is removed, thus capturing the internal shape of the user's ear. Please be sure to make sure the ear impressions are smooth and void of cracks and folds. Although our laboratory technicians can work wonders, if the impression is not suitable, the impression cannot be used and/or your final product will not fit as it should.

The impressions are then sent to us (by yourself or hearing professional) for the manufacturing of the final product.

For more information on ear impression services near you, contact us.